Carlo Valsecchi (1965) worked on dung slurry, focusing on the concepts of light, time and movement; his photographic installation (Progetto Merda – Castelbosco, 20 photographic prints, colour, Dibond with Plexiglas, each 40 x 50 cm, 2014) creates a ‘frieze’ on the walls of a room where numerous wooden boxes are still kept, ones used many years ago when Castelbosco also produced fruit and vegetables. Valsecchi’s display, which runs along all the walls of the room, is in harmony with the idea of the cycle and recycling intrinsic to the farm’s production processes. The images, we might say paradoxically, are presented in bright hues, almost like satellite views, seascapes or snowy landscapes, turning the tables on the original material through a ‘transformation within the transformation’.

Gaspare Luigi Marcone (October 2017)