Artists and travellers, Anne & Patrick Poirier created the imaginary figure
of the architect-archaeologist, delving into the past of art and nature, and constructing future scenarios. Throughout their long and prolific partnership, they have produced diaries, herbaria, delicate casts, architectural installations and monumental sculptures to reflect – while avoiding nostalgia and sterile citations – on the fragility of nature and culture threatened by the onset of history and time.
Indeed, ‘memory’ is one of their key themes.



For the outside spaces at Castelbosco, they planned a great ‘lawn’ in the shape of a corn leaf – a clear reference to the agricultural production of the farm – inside which various kinds of graminaceous species were planted.
In the central room of the castle, a ‘carpet’ (approx. 308x135cm, 2013) in the shape of a leaf in decomposition sums up the idea of transformation and the cyclicality of natural elements.

Gaspare Luigi Marcone (April 2015)