Extrasolar System is the name of the installation that Roberto Coda Zabetta (Biella, 1975) has realised for the Shit Museum. Produced in 2015, a polyptych split in eight different works represent the percentage of methane exerted from each planet in the solar system. The paintings are abstract in form and textural in substance; a varied chromatic palette is made from liquid muck: the result of a mixture of different doses of water, resin and pigment – exhibited on a table in the room as the content of the 20 vases that complete the installation. The works alternate according to a cycle of 24/26 days to simulate the rotation of the Sun around its axis. The expected time of fermentation and fossilisation of a phytoplankton and zooplankton: these organisms are born out of photosynthesis and use solar radiations as a main source of energy to synthesise fundamental organic matters for the production of methane. Living art.