Presenting Merdame®, the exceptional fertiliser from the Shit Museum. An absolute novelty which opens up new unexplored horizons in ways of giving waste materials a new lease of life. An entirely natural product of renewable origin, produced in keeping with the principles of the circular economy and a key weapon in the fight against climate change. Produced in Italy exclusively from milk cow manure, without the consumption of electric energy, together with Merdacotta®, Merdame® constitutes an unparalleled combination for the wellbeing of plants and the environment.

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Merdame® is a nitrogen-rich organic fertiliser, the extraordinary result of a drying process which turns cow dung into biogas and then into energy. By transforming the connotations of its matter of origin, so frequently and unfairly scorned, Merdame® is entirely odourless and hygienic: the temperature reached during the production process in fact eliminates the pathogens of the animal excrements, making it free from smells or any unwanted substances. With only 200 grams of product in 100 kg of compost, an optimum blend may be obtained, useful for accelerating the composting process. Merdame® is perfect for protecting, nourishing and revitalising the vegetable patch and the garden alike: its granules release its fertilising elements gradually, making the ground softer, better oxygenated, more permeable to air and water. Put briefly, a wonder of nature.