MERDACOTTA® may be crystallised in order to produce objects suitable for contact with food and drink, like any other object in terracotta or porcelain, and a non-lead transparent glaze is applied which is then fired at 1000 degrees Celsius.
With their classic “farmhouse” design, the edges are thick and the insides are capacious.



Like a meteorite fallen from the sky, or a gigantic Tetris block, or an archaeological finding dug out of the ground, it invades the space around it with its oversized measurements.

Suited both for interiors and exteriors, it may serve as a bench, a low table or a sculpture. Impermeable and stain proof, available both smooth and waxed, it is entirely handmade.

Measurements: 120 x 60 x 40 (h) cm. Weight: 120 kg.



Entirely handmade in MERDACOTTA®, it serves as a perfect cube: a stool, a nightstand, a side table, a stand or an object
in its own right.

Measurements: 40 x 40 x 40 cm. Weight: 20 kg.



In a dialogue with the artist who most successfully placed shit at the heart of his artistic research, and in response to the many who have wondered whether there was a link between the Shit Museum and the Artist’s Shit, we have decided to pay homage to the great Lombard and his most famous work with a transformed, oversized version of his tin cans.

An object which turns the original sense of provocation on its head, along with the mystery and critique on the attribution of value in contemporary art, with a tautological gesture: the new large tin is all made entirely of genuine shit, or more precisely of MERDACOTTA®.

Made entirely by hand in a single edition of /90 numbered exemplars – just like the edition of Manzoni’s Merde d’Artiste – it may become an object of everyday use, a coffee table for example, or displayed so as to give it the value of an artwork. This is entirely up to the purchasers.

Measurements: diameter 55 x 38 (h) cm. Weight: 25 kg.



For more than obvious reasons, it’s the icon which most directly expresses the cyclical value of the production underlying The Shit Museum: a receptacle for shit made of shit. A faithful replica of a classic 1920s lavatory, it’s an object that may be put on show in a wide range of environments. A unique item. Entirely handmade in MERDACOTTA®, it is only available upon request.

Measurements: 55 x 35 x 40 (h) cm. Weight: 20 Kg.