You can come and visit us in the following weekends - with or without your kids, they will love the museum and the hundreds of cows contributing to its life.
All visits are guided, booking is essential


October 29th-30th 2016
November 26th-27th 2016
December 17th-18th 2016


Entrance to the museum and guided tours are for free, but booking is compulsory


Guided tours lasts 60 minutes and starts at approximately 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm


Please let us know if you would prefer your guided tour to be in English


Housed in the Castelbosco Farm - that provides milk for Grana Padano cheese - and within the walls of its late-mediaeval castle, the new project displays a series of art, archaeological, historical and scientific installations in continuous evolution, bringing together biomechanics and environmental art, the agricultural landscape, and a system of digesters that turn manure into energy.


The Shit Museum is an agency for change, a research and data-collection institute, housing documents and information on excrement in culture, technology, science and history, dedicated to the cultural history of shit, to transformation, to the ability to transmute natural substances and re-establish a healthier relationship between humans and nature.


Looking forward to seeing you here,

Gianantonio Locatelli
founder of The Shit Museum and owner of Castelbosco