The 2015 edition of MiArt (the modern and contemporary art fair of Milan) will be remembered for its shit finale. Shit was talked at tables, in bars, clubs and in the fair, but most of all in via Sirtori at the Pomo Galerie. On Sunday 12 April, 1,500 guests of Felix Burrichter (Pin-Up, Marco Cendron (Pomo, Luca Cipelletti (AR.CH.IT and the Boiler Corporation ( came together to celebrate cow shit and all its potential. We also discovered just how elegant a room can be with walls covered in dry shit plaster. The Shit Show – the first off-site project staged by the Shit Museum – distributed a limited edition of 500 little poop bricks and just as many given away as an unlimited edition. The Museum will have actual bricks for sale.

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